I have a background in fine art, my passion for photography started in the darkroom and then grew as I continued to explore alternative processes, creative printing methods, and digital media. I've always had an affinity for travel, while working towards my bachelor's degree I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, at Lorenzo de Medici. This opportunity allowed me travel the country and pushed me both personally and creatively. I received a BFA in photography and graduated with high honors, from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. I went on to work at a creative art studio fulfilling multiple administrative and creative roles. Before the pandemic you'd find me bopping around the city at restaurants and concerts or traveling around the globe on an international adventure. Nowadays I am working remotely, enjoy gardening and walking outside, reading cook books and creating tasty food.





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After graduating from College for Creative Studies I went on to work at a boutique creative art studio specializing in product and editorial retouching, cgi, and illustration for global and local brands. In those eight years at the studio I played a multifaceted role from project manager to client services sales representative, art director, designer, retoucher, and illustrator. At the same time I pursued freelance opportunities in photography and graphic design, traveled internationally and in the states, and also sought out further education in design, typography, and illustration. I enjoy creating visual concepts, collaborating with others on creative projects, and designing for brands and advertising media. 

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I have worked on projects with multiple companies and agencies for local and global brands.

I have managed, art directed, photographed and/or retouched projects for clients representing...

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