asian pacific awards

This illustration was created for the Asian Pacific Business Awards. The art was used as large backdrop mural for the awards event, promotional material, and website banner. Responsible for managing and art directing the project, concept collaboration, researching inspiration and styles, creating the layout comps. 



Chris Grant and Garth Glazier


Stage #1 - Inspiration for Machinery Concept


Stage #2 - Rough Digital Concept Sketch by Natalie Jean

The client wanted the art to have a "Lightbulb" theme to represent innovation, this theme is one which they have used repeatedly int he past. We wanted to honor that theme but with a fresh approach that was less obvious, as depicting machinery working together to achieve business success. This concept sketch was compiled together with various stock and source imagery and uniformly put together in Photoshop.


Stage #3 - Layout & Color Comp by Natalie Jean

This comp was created in Photoshop as springboard for the artist. We were inspired by the use of color, texture, and subtle patterns used by Michael George Haddad. 

Style, Texture, Color Inspiration (Michael George Haddad)


Stage #4 - Pencil Sketch by Garth Glazier


Stage #5 - Vector Illustration Render by Garth Glazier


Stage #6 - Color Comps by Natalie Jean

Created multiple color variations comps to finalize a direction moving forward, two of ten shown above.


Stage #7 - Art Direction Comp by Natalie Jean

Created this comp from the artist's render (stage #5) and altered in Photoshop to visually express the direction to complete the work. The direction included color guidance, typeface choices, removing and cleaning up elements.


Stage #8 - Final Illustration Render by Garth Glazier