coast to coast

This illustration was created for the American Business Stevie Awards. The client wanted to represent various businesses and industries from coast to coast inspired by American painter, Grant Wood. The art was used as large backdrop for the awards event, promotional material, and website banner. Responsible for managing and art directing the project to completion, concept collaboration, researching inspiration and styles, creating and designing the layout comps. 


Chris Grant, Garth Glazier, Rob Chope


Research - Artist Proposals 

These eight American artists were narrowed down as potential style inspirations for the mural. Artists included Eugene Savage, Grant Wood, Robert Rauschenberg, Jacob Lawrence, Florine Stettheimer, Grandma Moses, Andy Warhol, and Keith Haring. The client chose Grant Wood, and wanted "American Gothic" front and center in the composition.

Sketch - Initial Black & White Digital Sketch 

This rough composite sketch was compiled together in Photoshop. It illustrated the initial direction for the client, representing the coast to coast theme and various business fields and industries that would be included. 

Breakdown - Grant Wood Representation

This breakdown was presented to the client to show the areas in which the mural was inspired by Grant Wood art.

Comp - Revised Black & White Digital Sketch 

This composite sketch was revised to include additional business themes and buildings while removing some of the farming landscape. This layout was created for the artist to follow when creating the final rendered art.

Breakdown - Location & Business Representation

This breakdown was presented to the client to show the varied landscape from West to East and the multitude of business themes and industries represented within.

Final Color Layout Comp

This is the final color composition given to the artist as a template for the final art. 

Final Art 

The final art was rendered in Illustrator by Garth Glazier. 

Click on the image above to magnify portions of the illustration for a more detailed view.

(natalie jean)