recipe book

This recipe book was put together as a heartfelt holiday promotion to send to clients of the Core Group. It received a great response from the recipients.

This cook book was created as a holiday promotion. The recipes were gathered from the collaborators, and myself, and put together to share with our clients over the holidays. The book was available as a digital PDF to be shared through email and in magazine style print.


from scratch


Chris Grant, Mike Tiderington, Sherry Havercamp, Rob Chope, Garth Glazier, Kevin Fales, Tony Randazzo

tastes better

Responsible for concept creation, project management, recipe collection, image acquisition, retouching imagery, cover art direction, layout design, final digital and print output.

Core Croup Recipe Book


The book cover was a collaborative effort with Chris, Kevin, and myself. I designed the cover and edited the imagery to look more painterly, Kevin illustrated the line work on top of the images.

Below is a collection of a few sample spreads within the book.

(natalie jean)