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xmas albums contest

This Christmas contest was created as a holiday promotion for the Core Group, a boutique art studio specializing in retouching, illustration and cgi. The contest was a collaborative effort of the entire Core Group creative team, all the artists took part in altering various retro Christmas albums to include modern singers. This promo was engaging and received a great response from contest participants.

 ...guess who? 

The albums above were retouched to replace the original artist with a modern singer. The object of the contest was for the participants to guess which celebrity was retouched into the image and if they guessed correctly they would receive a prize. The contest was sent out as an email blast close to the holidays, it consisted of multiple parts; a teaser, the contest challenge, a reminder, clues, details, rules, the contest webpage, the answers, the winners notification, and finally a holiday card with the prize for the winners. 


Santa Baby...

rockin around

The Christmas Album Contest was created in 2019 as a holiday promotion and it received a great response from the participants.


Chris Grant, Sherry Havercamp, Rob Chope, and Mike Tiderington


Responsible for concept creation, project management, distribution of work, finding stock and source imagery, art direction, retouching select imagery, designing layouts for the various contest portions, including the teaser, challenge, clues, answers, winner notification. As well as copy collaboration and editing, and final distribution to participants.

Original - Burl Ives

Closing Message

This section provides a cheerful holiday closing statement, and reiterates the three easy steps of the contest goals and how to win. This section also provides details about the bonus and the official contest rules.

Album #7 - Ariana Grande

Retouched by Natalie Jean


Album Contest - Clues & Bonus

This was the "Clues & Bonus" portion of the Christmas Album contest. There were two more layouts, one with the original contest challenge, and another with the answers.

Banner Art

This was created as the top banner for the contest promotion. It included a splice of Gwen Stefani & Judy Garland, later included in the contest. Banner illustration put together by Natalie Jean

Contest Steps 

These basic steps were spelled out in an easy bulleted list for the recipient to immediately understand the contest goals and how to win.

Opening Copy

This simple copy summarized the contest promo. Copy collaboration by Natalie Jean & Chris Grant.

Album #1 - Rhianna

Retouched by Sherry Havercamp

Eartha Kit - Santa Baby_1.jpg

Original - Eartha Kit

Album #3 - Justin Timberlake

Retouched by Rob Chope

Frank Sinatra - Mistletoe & Holly_1.jpg
Justin Timberlake.jpg

Original - Frank Sinatra

Album #4 - Adam Lambert

Retouched by Mike Tiderington

Burl Ives - Holly Jolly Christmas_1.jpg

Album #6 - Eminem

Retouched by Mike Tiderington

Frank Sinatra - Let it Snow_1.jpg

Original - Frank Sinatra

Album #8 - Gwen Stefani

Retouched by Sherry Havercamp

Judy Garland - A Merry Little Christmas_
Gwen Stefani.jpg

Original - Judy Garland

Album #9 - Jay Z & Beyonce

Retouched by Rob Chope

The Carpenters - Sleigh Bells_1.jpg

Original - The Carpenters

Jay Z.png

Album #10 - Lizzo

Retouched by Rob Chope

Bing Crosby - Winter Wonderland_1.jpg

Original - Bing Crosby

Album #11 - Usher

Retouched by Sherry Havercamp

Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song_1.jpg

Original - Nat King Cole

Album #12 - Bruno Mars

Retouched by Mike Tiderington

Elvis - Blue Christmas_1.jpg

Original - Elvis

Album #2 - John Legend

Retouched by Natalie Jean

Bing Crosby - White Christmas_1.jpg
John Legend.jpg

Original - Bing Crosby

Album #5 - Adele

Retouched by Natalie Jean

Brenda Lee - Rockin Around the Chistmas

Original - Brenda Lee

Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas_1.jpg
Ariana Grande.jpeg

Original - Mariah Carey


Banner GIF

This eye-catching gif was the top banner art for the contest promo and was sent out via email on the contest challenge. Created by Natalie Jean.



The teaser was created to be sent out participants prior to the contest. Created by Natalie Jean.


Winners Notification

The winner announcement was sent out after the contest was completed to winning participants.


The reminder was sent out prior to the contest deadline. When the button was clicked it would take the view to the contest webpage with the clues, bonus, and contest details.


Holiday Card Labels

These labels were created to be sent out with the prizes and a limited edition holiday card.

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