women in business

This illustration was created for the Women in Business Awards hosted in New York City. The art was used as large backdrop mural for the awards event, as well as their digital entry kit, promotional material, and website banner. Responsible for managing and art directing the project to completion, concept collaboration, researching inspiration and styles, creating the initial rough layout comps. 


Chris Grant, Garth Glazier, Rob Chope


Inspiration for Style

Digital Composite Sketch by Natalie Jean


Elements & Symbolism:

City Background - Inspired by New York City, where the event will take place.

Champagne Bottle - Celebration of the event and the success of the women.

Flying Birds - Migration, progression, freedom, not to be contained.

Vintage Woman - Businesswomen of the past who lead the path for the women of today.

Bull & Girl - Wall Street, fearlessness, audacity, courage, strength that is underestimated.

Bicycle - Movement, going places, ups and downs of a journey.

Ladder - Climbing the corporate ladder, an upward trajectory. 

Tree - Growth, vulnerability, resilience.

Lights - Ideation, innovation, illumination.

Flowers - Natural, organic, feminine.

Women - Modern diverse business women.

Trophy - Award winner, success, perseverance.

Pencil Sketch by Garth Glazier

Final Art Rendered by Garth Glazier & Rob Chope 

Art Directed and Managed by Natalie Jean

Web Banner for Stevie Awards Website

(natalie jean)