elf on a shelf

This Christmas contest promotion was sent out to clients and potential clients, this year was inspired by "elf on a shelf". The object of the contest was to guess who the actors were of the retouched elves. If all answers were correct they would receive movie tickets. The contest was sent out via email, when the participant clicked on the promo it would direct them to the website contest page, this provided clues, details, and the official rules of the contest. We also sent out a teaser prior to the contest, a reminder for entries, and after the deadline we sent the answers, then notified all participating winners and mailed out the prizes.

Elf Contest - Clues & Bonus

This was the "Clues & Bonus" portion of the Elf contest and was on the contest web page. There were two additional layouts, one with the original contest challenge, when clicked it sent them to the contest page with the clues. The other layout was sent after the contest deadline with the answers.

Banner Illustration

This on theme "elf on a shelf" banner illustration was put together by Natalie Jean.

Opening Copy

The copy was a play on the "Elf on the Shelf" poems. The copy was later altered to fit the answers portion of the contest. Copy collaboration by Natalie Jean & Chris Grant.

Elf #1 - Lady Gaga

Retouched by Natalie Jean

Elf #2 - Priyanka Chopra

Retouched by Sherry Havercamp

Elf #3 - Paul Rudd

Retouched by Rob Chope

Elf #4 - Steve Harvey

Retouched by Natalie Jean

Elf #5 - Angelina Jolie

Retouched by Natalie Jean

Elf #6 - Rami Malek

Retouched by Natalie Jean

Elf #7 - Emma Stone

Retouched by Natalie Jean

Elf #8 - Paul Giamatti

Retouched by Natalie Jean

Elf #9 - Drew Barrymore

Retouched by Rob Chope

Elf #10 - Peter Dinklage

Retouched by Sherry Havercamp


We included a couple bonus elves, if the participants got something wrong in the first 10 they could gain points back with the bonus.

Elf #11 - Angelina Jolie

Retouched by Mike Tiderington

Elf #12 - Anthony Bourdain

Retouched by Sherry Havercamp

Closing Message

A cheerful holiday closing statement with three easy steps for the participant to quickly understand the contest goals and how to win.

Teaser & Reminder

The teaser was created to be sent out participants prior to the contest. The reminder was sent out prior to the contest deadline.


Winners Notification

The winner announcement was sent out after the contest was completed to winning participants, their addresses were then collected to receive the prize.

Holiday Card

This message was inside a festive holiday card, sent in the mail with the winner's movie tickets.