This Christmas contest promotion was sent out to clients and potential clients, a fun and playful nutcracker holiday theme. The object of the contest was to guess who the retouched nutcrackers were, the actor's name and the movie they starred in. If all answers were correct they would receive movie tickets. The contest was sent out via email, when the participant clicked on the promo it would direct them to the contest website page, this provided additional clues and the official rules of the contest. We also sent out a reminder for entries and after the deadline we sent the answers, then notified all participating winners and mailed out the prizes.


Nutcracker Contest - Challenge

This was the "Challenge" portion of Nutcracker Christmas contest. There were two additional layouts, one with the contest clues, and another with the answers.

Opening Banner

This was created as the top banner for the email blast. It was designed so that the recipient would easily recognize what the contest was about. Under this banner the basic contest steps were spelled out in an easy bulleted list. Banner illustration put together by Natalie Jean

Contest Steps 

These basic steps were spelled out in an easy bulleted list for the recipient to immediately understand the contest goals and how to win. If the link was clicked it would take them to the contest webpage, here the participant would find details, clues, and the official contest rules.

Nutcracker #1

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory - Gene Wilder

Retouched by Natalie Jean


Nutcracker #2

Star Wars - Mark Hamill

Retouched by Rob Chope


Nutcracker #3

Marry Poppins - Julie Andrews

Retouched by Natalie Jean


Nutcracker #4

Lord of the Rings - Ian McKellen

Retouched by Robe Chope


Nutcracker #5

Avatar - Sam Worthington

Retouched by Garth Glazier

Nutcracker #6

Muppet Treasure Island - Miss Piggy

Retouched by Natalie Jean

Nutcracker #7

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Zhang Ziyi

Retouched by Chris Grant

Nutcracker #8

Home Alone - Joe Pesci

Retouched by Sherry Havercamp

Nutcracker #9

Back to the Future - Christopher Loyd

Retouched by Sherry Havercamp

Nutcracker #10

Harry Potter - Robbie Coltrane

Retouched by Sherry Havercamp


Reiterating how to participate in the contest and a closing holiday statement. 


If the link was clicked it would take them to a webpage with the official contest rules and terms and conditions for participants/winners.


Winners Notification

Created to communicate to the winners of the contest and spell out how to redeem their prize,


These return address labels were created to send the winning participants movie tickets.


Alternate Banner

This was an alternate banner created for a work contest to win a vacation day.